GIVEAWAY SUNDAY: Canadian play money, Doll Sized

Hey everyone! I’m excited for some upcoming stuff I’ll be releasing soon, and as a way to celebrate and announce the launch, I wanted to offer you a gift of cash!

Haven’t you always wanted free money? Well today is your lucky day pals!

Some creative uses might include:

You could use these:

  • as price tags for your products
  • for scrap-booking paste-ins
  • as a visual cue for goal-setting
  • on your Vision Board
  • with your dolls & action figures
  • as a photo prop for your small figurines going shopping??
  • as a point system to gamify your life <3
    (more on that later if you’re interested)

But go ahead and play with these however you like! There is no limit to how you might choose to use these and no catch. I’d appreciate if you shared this around, as the count down is ON for some really cool stuff in the near future I’m excited to share with you, my lovely people.

*Coins are for size reference. ACTUAL COINS ARE NOT INCLUDED.

*However, improved financial skills are. 😉

(The more you play and practice handling money,
the more you will be familiarizing yourself with it,
and it will become easier for your brain to attract
more of what is familiar to you. ie: Monaaayyy!!!
And who doesn’t want to have a little more of that?)

This download includes:

  • 1 PDF page, with 100 imitation bills per page
    (10 five dollar bills, 10 ten dollar bills, 10 twenty dollar bills etc….)
  • The equivalent of $1,850‬ in make-believe cash. Is that dope or what?

Please recycle, and when possible, please choose to use recycled printer paper.
Our trees are the lungs of this planet.

Thank you for helping me keep our Mother Earth healthy. 😉