My name is Rey Johnson and I began as a graphic designer back in 2005 with my family’s painting company at the time: J&S Family Painting. Designing my first logo felt exhilarating. Being privy to other start ups over the years has really taught me what works and what doesn’t.

Over time, I branched out and designed a line of 3D product templates that I sold online from my Etsy shop which transformed how I understood marketing. I had some wild ups and downs that taught me so very much, and I’ve spent 8 years in the Etsy seller world, learning all kinds of tips and tricks and most especially, things NOT to do.

Trial and error can be it’s own teacher, can’t it? But eventually we need to turn to others to fill in the gaps to level up. We eventually seek those that have gone before us in some way and we learn from other skilled craftspeople, those that have gone deeper, and learned more than we ever wished to know.

I’ve run down rabbit trails and off the beaten path and if you’ll let me, I’ll ask the tough questions that help you break through the barriers and create a brand for yourself that you can really get behind.

Also, I’ve recently joined ranks with some amazing team members to offer even more value to my marketing packages. Some of the available services involve the whole crew. Take a look at our available packages for more info on what we offer.

I wish you harmony, meaning, health and luster.

If you really want to get to know me:
Let’s be friends. Find me on Instagram <3