**waves enthusiastically**

My name is Lizz.
I live in a bus and I love to make funky paper packaging.

I’m one of those quirky people who likes making exciting concepts come to life through paper. I adore cool boxes, slick packaging, and all kinds of interesting and unique containers and boxes and I’ve been a graphic designer for over ten years. So, if you have a unique product or idea that you want cool packaging for, let’s chat about working together 🙂 I geek-out over this stuff!

I believe there’s a higher potential for your product to go viral, your marketing campaign to succeed, or your farmer’s market items to sell off the shelf, if you can co-create some kind of uniquely shaped, well branded, eye-popping, recyclable, low-cost, eco-friendly packaging. What do you think?

I would especially enjoy working with startups, farmer’s market / craft fair style business people, or KickStarter crews, GoFundMe campaigns and other crowdfunding groups. Getting an idea materialized and onto shelves is an amazing adventure.

If putting the best packaging around your product is something you might be interested in talking more about, I’d like for you to send me a quick line about your product. Let’s see if we align on our values and goals, and if we click, let’s talk price. 🙂

I look forward to hearing from you!