Starting over

I think this has been a long time coming.

I’ve never really been the professional type. When I pretend I’m some kind of bigwig I mess everything up. So this is me. Just Rey. Just human.

Graphic Design is what I do but I haven’t had the stability in my life to stick with it or get an education doing it, so it’s a self taught skill that I hope can propel me into a better and more stable future, ideally in music or large business ventures.

The thing is, I believe in a sustainable future for the planet, and I REALLY want to be a part of that. But I write songs, and I do graphic design… How can I possibly help build a sustainable future for the planet using these skills? I don’t yet know. All I know, is I’m a human being with an intention, determination and a willingness to try.

I hope you like the items in my shop. I hope you enjoy the browse, and come away with a little inspiration or a smile. Perhaps that is all I can do for now. Give a tiny little teeny bit back to cool people like you. 🙂 I will let that be good enough for the time being.

Sending you good vibes, friends.